Saturday, May 21, 2011

Music Review 1 - The Black Veil Brides

     Okay, so Black Veil Brides (BVB) is a band that has been rocking my ipod for quite some time now...and they are a few years old. But I figured I would blog about them anyway. To get a little taste of their style, there is a pic below of the band (before their epic hair and too much makeup):

And let me just say that these guys are amazing! They are young, a little mischievious, and definitely put on a good show!! What really drew me to their rock/grunge/metal style was the lyrics. They just had this odd way of getting under your skin, bringing out my emotions, and laying who i was out on the table for the world to see. Second thing that drew me to them: their singer Andy Six.
Andy is a charming, adorable and more importantly, understanding person. He does not hide the fact that as a high school student he was ridiculed for his taste in music, clothing, etc. and he uses these experiences to create lyrics that scream hope to the teens going through what he went through.
BVB will undoubtedly go dowm in music history as one of the greats.

The new BVB album comes out next month <3
Check out their music!! --

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