Monday, December 26, 2011

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

     This week, the American version of Girl With the Dragon Tattoo was released in theatres and I was finally able to see it just a few mere hours ago. To those who are unfamiliar with the series, Girl With the Dragon Tattoo started as a book trilogy written by Stieg Larrson, and quickly became a success in Sweden. The trilogy is centered around an awkward, secretive hacker with a photographic memory named Lisbeth Salander.
     Salander has had a rough life, an abusive father, a life in mental wards since the age of 12, and is now under the guardianship of a man who uses his power as a way to rape and torture Lisbeth. But then she joins Mikael Blomkvist (the 'hero' and other main character of the trilogy) in an effort to help him uncover a murder that happened over 40 years ago.
     Now, the original film (and it's two sequels as well) were all well directed and produced. The acting was splendid. Since they were foreign, however, the English dubs definitely took away from the film since some of the interpretations sounded absurd. But since this remake was American, dubs were not a problem. The lines were well written, the acting was still splendid, and the director did just as amazing in his interpretation of the story.
     And to make it even more enjoyable, this American remake was just as sexual, just as steamy, and just as suspenseful as the original, if not more so.
     Overall, I was not expecting the American remake of Girl With the Dragon Tattoo to be as good as it turned out to be. In the previews, Lisbeth (who is played by rising actress Roony Mara) does not seem to be as impressive as she was in the original (played by Noomi Rapace). But this was certainly due to bias on my part, as Mara's performance truly did grow on me throughout the film. This movie will definitely earn Mara more recognition on the red carpet and I must say that I too have become a fan of her acting talent.
     This version of Girl With The Dragon Tattoo is well made for original fans of the series, as well as newcomers to the trilogy. It should entertain all adult audiences (yes, I said adult! NO CHILDREN...we get to see a lot more than just Lisbeth's pierced nipples!!) and will certainly leave a lasting impression. Suspense, sex, and murder. Those are the three ingredients that only Stieg Larrson could make into such an amazing tale and it is sure to bring a little shock into American cinema.
     Trailer located below:

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American Horror Story - Season One

     So I actually planned on doing a review for American Horror Story after the first episode or two. However, I really wasn't all that sure that it would be a success...but, to my amazment and much so to my amusment, it became a big hit. Season 1, consisting of 12 episodes ended this previous week, and though I found that the final episode lacked a bit and by no means tied up the plot, it did not bring down the level of the story whatsoever.
     American Horror Story, season 1, focused on the Harmon family, who recently moved in order to start a new life after the husband cheated on his Wife. Throughout the episodes, we realize that maybe the couple should have just went their seperate ways and set up visitation rights with their teenage daughter who ends up getting romantically involved with an over-emotional, homicidal-but-sexy ghost and looses a little more than she bargained for. This is only the begininning however, as we are introduced to a ghost maid, a 'rubber man', a "Spooky Little Girl" and a rather interesting group of ghosts that all reside in the house.
     But there are rules. And as the Harmon family uncovers the house's strange and gory history, we are taken on a well produced and highly convincing journey through a show that could quite possibly change the world of horror.
     I could go on forever talking about the amazing visuals and convincing acting and hard work that was clearly put into this show. But instead, I'll leave you with this little clip and let you decide for yourself if American Horror Story is worth your precious mortal time:

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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Dose of Horror

I decided to give this blog another try...with a new name (Dose of Horror) and a new name for myself (porcelainBlood).
I had originally started this blog to be about random things that I was into. But now I actually want it to be something...So, this will be my first official post as Dose of Horror and I must start getting some followers.

My next upcoming post(s) will include some new horror films I've watched, a horror-punk band from Finland, and some Stephen King Reviews. As well as some American Horror Story reviews and ponderings.