Monday, December 26, 2011

American Horror Story - Season One

     So I actually planned on doing a review for American Horror Story after the first episode or two. However, I really wasn't all that sure that it would be a success...but, to my amazment and much so to my amusment, it became a big hit. Season 1, consisting of 12 episodes ended this previous week, and though I found that the final episode lacked a bit and by no means tied up the plot, it did not bring down the level of the story whatsoever.
     American Horror Story, season 1, focused on the Harmon family, who recently moved in order to start a new life after the husband cheated on his Wife. Throughout the episodes, we realize that maybe the couple should have just went their seperate ways and set up visitation rights with their teenage daughter who ends up getting romantically involved with an over-emotional, homicidal-but-sexy ghost and looses a little more than she bargained for. This is only the begininning however, as we are introduced to a ghost maid, a 'rubber man', a "Spooky Little Girl" and a rather interesting group of ghosts that all reside in the house.
     But there are rules. And as the Harmon family uncovers the house's strange and gory history, we are taken on a well produced and highly convincing journey through a show that could quite possibly change the world of horror.
     I could go on forever talking about the amazing visuals and convincing acting and hard work that was clearly put into this show. But instead, I'll leave you with this little clip and let you decide for yourself if American Horror Story is worth your precious mortal time:

*Remember: I do not own rights to this video and have nothing to do with the American Horror Story franchise or FX. No copyright intended.

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