Monday, May 23, 2011

Movie Review 1 - My Soul To Take

 My Soul To Take, directed by Wes Craven, is not exactly a new movie (okay so maybe I lied when I said I'd be reviewing new things). It cam out nearly a year ago. And even though most other reviews only gave it a C rating, I definitely feel that it is worth watching a time or two.
     Craven fans beware, however. This movie did not really remind me of your average Wes Craven film! And where some people may say that is because he has lost his touch, I merely say that he is experimenting with his style in order to appeal to a new and extremely different generation than his past movies were devoted to. 
     Overall, My Soul To Take was not such a bad movie; sure, there could have been more convincing special effects (blood-wise) and there were a few akward moments between the characters (but as that stupid Twilight movie proves, akward actors seem to be all the rage these days), but it was sometimes creepy, a little scary, and slightly funny at the most appropriate times. 
     Anyways, to tell you more about the movie, the first scene takes place in a house where a crazed, psychotic husband murders his pregnant wife and attempts to kill his young daughter. The scene ends mainly with his death and a pretty cool ambulance wreck/action scene. the movie then speeds up to 16 years later when we are introduced to seven teens who just so happened to be born on the exact day that the killer (pegged the riverton ripper) died. These teens claim to represent each of the Ripper's 7 personalities and hold a special rituals to mark the Ripper's death. But little do these teens know, that someone is continuing the Ripper's legacy...and they will not stop until all seven teens and everyone around them are dead.

                                                                           This is definitely a   entertaining film and a must
see for all horror fans.

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